Winners are far ahead of losers in all of life endeavour. While winners are full of hope, proactive and achieve, losers are of hollow hope that things will happen. All winners have been able to conquer the resistant force such as themselves and other external ones. Losers are ‘champions’ in the blame game; they blame everything even the circumstances of their birth and origin.

Most winners do what losers hate to do and they succeed. They always gladly accept the toga of a maverick. Winners have the unconquerable resolve to get to the mountain top and they always do!

This 373 gold standard motivational secrets for success in Winners Tips will chart a sure way to an enduring, foolproof, sweet success in life. Download the Mobile application “Winners Tips” from Google PlayStore; view, learn and internalize the tips that keep winners ahead in life’s game. Below is a preview of the content of “Winners Tips” 

What I Do

I am a Human Resources Development and Training Consultant.  I have varied experience in development and training human resource in organizations; positioning them for higher productivity and harmony in the workplace.

I Coach.

Training involves coaching. I coach individuals and group thereby changing their orientation and encouraging them to set achievable goals in their private lives. Also, I help to support  and sustain organizational goals.

I Speak.

My training experience has afforded me the unique opportunity to speak and have interactive sessions with individuals and groups.

I have spoken to junior, middle level and senior executives in the civil service and private organizations in Nigeria. Such sessions gave interesting feedback.

I Write.

I have a penchant for writing and proofreading manuscripts for writers for a fee. It is with this flair that I was able to write this 373 motivational tips.

Need Advice?

If you need advice on how to set and sustain your goals, contact me through my email:

My Story

Nineteen years ago, I apprenticed myself to a management guru Mr. O.A. Smith who started his career in management from the scratch and got to the very top. He attended Ashbury Management Course in the UK in 1973. Interestingly, he was the only Black on the course at that time.

I served snacks and tea at trainings and this afforded me the opportunity to listen to several which ignited my interest to become a training consultant. At a time, a Consultant from South Africa

trained the middle level management staff  of PHCN in Nigeria with my coach as the lead Consultant. The exercise took the consulting firm round the country.

Mr. Sunday Falade (now late) contributed to building my confidence in consulting job. He always held me by the hand and will say ‘Let’s go, you can do it’. Today, his mentoring and encouragement has yielded remarkable results. I can face small and large audience; train, motivate them without any theatre fright. I have been Consultant, Course Coordinator to various training engagements in Nigeria. I am awaiting international invitation.